Interactive Edge solutions provide a simple and easy way to get the designed product on the Web.  We offer these services to Web sites which we have designed, as well as sites which have been designed by other Web developers.  We work with you to determine a plan to fit your unique needs.




Our Business PC #3 include the following base specs and starts from $585.99:





CPU Processor:

P4 2.80 GHz Retail Box w/Fan (533 Bus)


256MB DDR 333 MHz PC2700


Amptron 925LSD, 478pin, DDR, Video/Sound/Lan/56K

Video Adapter:

3D Video

Hard Drive:

80 GB UDMA100 7200 rpm


56K V.92 Voice Fax Modem

DVD Drive/CD-ROM Combo:

48x24x48x16 DVD/CD-RW Combo Drive

Sound Card:

3D 32 Bit Sound

Floppy Drive:

1.44 MB Floppy Drive


104-Key PS2 keyboard


PS2 Mouse


140W Speakers (Pair w/power amplifier)

Network Card:

10/100 Fast Lan


ATX Tower Case /300W PS



For clients, place your deposit on your new computer purchase. To contact us directly or customize this desktop PC, call us at 404.307.9608.

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