Interactive Edge solutions provide a simple and easy way to get the designed product on the Web.  We offer these services to Web sites which we have designed, as well as sites which have been designed by other Web developers.  We work with you to determine a plan to fit your unique needs.



In 2004, online sales will exceed $6.7 billion. The Internet presents tremendous opportunities for you and your business, whether you are a budding entrepreneur looking to market and sell your great new idea or a large corporation searching for new ways to increase sales. Electronic commerce (E-Commerce) is a multi-billion dollar a year industry that has only scratched the surface of its full potential. 

E-Commerce is the theory and practice of conducting business online via the Internet.  Various types of "electronic shopping carts" can be used to collect items from a Web site that the customer would like to purchase.  The electronic shopping cart then tallies up the total and the customer is asked for credit card information to pay for items.  At that point, the customer is directed to a secured sever which enables credit card information to be passed through the Internet via encryption methods.

There are three essential steps to setting up an E-Commerce Gateway:

1. Setup your product shopping cart
2. Obtain an Internet Merchant Account
3. Setup a secured payment gateway
We are also able to create E-Commerce solutions which integrate with PayPal.  

To learn more about our Hosting Services, join us at: Hosting Services Overview; Web Hosting 101; Domain Name Lookup; Domain Name Reservation; Domain Name Parking; Internet Service Provider (ISP) Services; and PayPal Integration Services. Our Hosting Plan Summaries, include: Basic Hosting Plan Summary; Professional Hosting Plan Summary; and Corporate Hosting Plan Summary. To obtain a Hosting Service Quote, click here.


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