Interactive Edge solutions provide a simple and easy way to get the designed product on the Web.  We offer these services to Web sites which we have designed, as well as sites which have been designed by other Web developers.  We work with you to determine a plan to fit your unique needs.



There are several necessary steps in completing the Web development process. They include: 1) designing and developing your Web site; 2) publishing (or copying) your Web files to a World Wide Web server; 3) registering your dedicated Domain Name (""); 4) securing a company which will host the Web site; 5) setting up company email, contact and reporting services; and 6) registering your site with popular search engines. This process is often overwhelming for the small business owner. webFUTURES has prepared the following information to assist you with understanding the site registration, administration and maintenance process.

Domain Names:

What is a Domain Name? A Domain Name is an alphanumerical address that maps to a more complex, and harder to remember, numerical "IP" address (such as Each computer connected to the Internet has an IP address. The Domain Name System (DNS) was created to make it easier for Internet users to remember the addresses to computers rather than using the numerical IP addresses.

How many Domain Names are currently registered? There are currently more than one MILLION domain names registered on the Internet.

Who can register a Domain Name? Anyone can register and own an Internet Domain Name. Most domain names are registered by companies or individuals that want to create a "presence" on the Internet to market a Web site for their business. More and more domain names are being registered by those just wanting to have a Web site for their family, or even just to publish information about a hobby, or any other information they would like to have publicly accessible.

How do I register a Domain Name? Registering a domain name requires you to use an Internet company that has access to the InterNIC, the organization that regulates the Domain Name System, and will submit a registration on your behalf that will use their "nameservers". A nameserver is a computer that translates your domain name into its equivalent IP address - which will allow data to route to and from the networked computer where your domain name information resides.

How much does it cost to register a Domain Name? There are basically two types of fees associated with registering a domain name. The first fee is charged by an Internet company that will submit your registration on your behalf. Most Internet companies that register domain names for users will charge anywhere from $50 to $150 to submit your registration.
webFUTURES has waived its one-time only setup charge $25 to register your domain name. The second fee involved with registering a domain name is a fee charged separately by the InterNIC. The InterNIC currently charges $70 to cover the first two years of your domain registration, and charges $35 each year after that for renewal - it's your option each year whether you wish to renew your domain name. webFUTURES can register your name for $40 for a two-year period.

Can't I just register a Domain Name directly with the InterNIC? Yes, but you would need to have access to a set of nameservers on a full-time Internet network.

Does a Domain Name have to be renewed each year? When you first register a domain name, the InterNIC will invoice for $70 which will keep your domain name active for two years. After those two years, you will have the option to renew your domain name each year for $35.
webFUTURES can renew your domain name for $20 per year.

If I register a Domain Name can I sell it? Yes. Once you successfully register a domain name it's yours to use it or sell it to another party.

Web Hosting:

What is Web Hosting and why do I need it? Web Hosting describes the process of "hosting" your domain name on an Internet network. In order for users to be able to reach your domain name, such as your Web site or to send you email at your domain name, it must be "hosted" on a set of computers that are connected to the Internet full-time. Most Internet networks are connected by special data lines that can handle sending and receiving information as much as thousands of times faster than a normal modem - you need for your domain name to be hosted on such a network in order to have an efficient Web site and email. Web Hosting services are offered by a wide-range of Internet companies.

What can I do with my Domain Name? You can do a lot with having a domain name. You can set up a Web site that can have an address of "", and you can also receive email at addresses such as "". The main advantage to having your own domain name is for marketing purposes. Having your own domain name is very professional, and almost vital to online marketing success.

How much hosting services cost? Hosting services for a domain name can cost as little as $10/month, and can be as much as $300/month and more - it all depends on the services you require. As a
webFUTURES premium client, webFUTURES will charge you $12.95 for the first year of hosting services, and $12.95 for hosting account renewal.

Getting Started:

What's the first step in registering a Domain Name? It's EASY! Your first step in registering a domain name is finding one that is not already registered.

What options do I have for hosting my Domain Name? You have three basic options to choose from - a simple "under construction" home page, a home page which allows for email forwarding only, or a complete Web site. This is where
webFUTURES comes in.

How long will it take to get my Domain Name registered? Once a name is identified and the payment is made, your domain name can be registered in as little as 15 minutes!

When can I start using my Web site and email with my Domain Name? After a domain name is successfully registered, it will become "active" on the Internet when the InterNIC does its next root server update. Domain names registered before 6:00PM EST will become active around 10:00PM EST the same day.

To learn more about our Hosting Services, join us at: Web Hosting Services Overview; Domain Name Lookup; Domain Name Reservation; Domain Name Parking; Internet Service Provider (ISP) Services; E-Commerce Services; and PayPal Integration Services. Our Hosting Plan Summaries, include: Basic Hosting Plan Summary; Professional Hosting Plan Summary; and Corporate Hosting Plan Summary. To obtain a Hosting Service Quote, click here.


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