Interactive Edge solutions provide a simple and easy way to get the designed product on the Web.  We offer these services to Web sites which we have designed, as well as sites which have been designed by other Web developers.  We work with you to determine a plan to fit your unique needs.



You are able to park multiple Domain Names to point to your current webFUTURES Web Hosting account, or park a Domain Name for future use (with placard or "under construction" information only). To park your Domain Names, fill out the following form. We will park your domain names pointing to the main account domain name you indicate below.

There is an annual fee of $20.00 to park a domain name pointing to your main account.

First Name:      Last Name:  

Phone1:       Phone2:  

Company Name & Address:

Your Email Address

Account Password

Primary Domain Name (if applicable)

Park Domain Name

Park my new domain name for $20.00 for one year registration.

Transfer my existing domain from another hosting company or registration service.

Don't register me. I will register or transfer my domain myself. This information will be provided once the Hosting Agreement has been executed.

If you are handling the InterNIC registration yourself, contact us directly for your nameserver information.

Note:  If you are having problems viewing the Checkout window (which appears after this form is submitted), modify your Internet Explorer Security Options to Medium. (Tools > Internet Options > Security > Medium or Tools > Internet Options > Security > Custom Level > Reset to Medium).

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