Interactive Edge solutions provide a simple and easy way to get the designed product on the Web.  We offer these services to Web sites which we have designed, as well as sites which have been designed by other Web developers.  We work with you to determine a plan to fit your unique needs.



PayPal is an alternative E-Commerce Gateway solution. This solution can be used as an alternative to for a small customer who wishes to take credit card transactions. You will need to compare these charges to our prices. Additionally, you may want to ask the following questions. You will not be able to use Mcart with this technology and must work directly with PayPal to create a Premium Account. Once activated, we can create your PayPal Merchandise Cart (only). All Merchant Account and Gateway services are completed directly with PayPal (and are under your exclusive administration and control). Click here to learn more about PayPal Integration (wf customers only).

For more information on our E-Commerce Services, join us at: E-Commerce Overview; Obtain an Internet Merchant Account; MCart Shopping Cart Services; and 1st Commerce

To learn more about our Hosting Services, join us at: Hosting Services Overview; Web Hosting 101; Domain Name Lookup; Domain Name Reservation; Domain Name Parking; and Internet Service Provider (ISP) Services. Our Hosting Plan Summaries, include: Basic Hosting Plan Summary; Professional Hosting Plan Summary; and Corporate Hosting Plan Summary. To obtain a Hosting Service Quote, click here.


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